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case study   5 — 8
  • digital
  • home inspection & air quality
  • 2018
the mission

In the midst of rapid expansion, Chicago-based Mold Inspector Company engaged with us to bring their message of affordable, accessible, and high-quality mold and air inspections for your home o rbusiness tests in an online space. Communicating easy to the customers the mold testing concept as well as their brand in their vision for their online presence.

chapter — 1




We brought the clean and inviting aesthetic of the Mold Inspector services into the experience of visiting their website by incorporating custom illustrations and icons with an open and easy-to-follow page design. The website logic was created to increase furthered the feeling of having local and affordable services, giving a sensation of a near relationship with the inspectors.

brand shape
Office picture
Office picture
Brand icon
chapter — 2


Our improvements included a revamped sitemap, where we connected the content logic. We prepared a user journey with wireframes, focusing on Mold Inspector goal of an easy and efficient process for learning about their services and inspections appointments. This user journey was intended to display the content effectively so potential client would feel confident in choosing to seek support at a Mold Inspector near to them.

Wireframe preview
Floating modal box
hexagon shape
chapter — 3



We matched a clean style with a broken grid, resulting in a more natural viewing experience for users. Green is a color that connects well with the mold industry, so we used it for the sections where we needed to grab users’ attention.


chapter — 4




We matched a clean style with a easy location concept, resulting in a more natural experience to locate mold inspectors for users. So, we created the location page to look like a fancy directory with necessary information to connect the users with the inspectors.

UI examples

chapter — 4



custom HTML and PHP theme

based on Alpha Stratagem proprietary framework


Each Mold Inspector is represented in the system by a separate geo-coded entry and a custom module was developed to present Mold Inspector locations alongside basic contact info.