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case study   3 — 3
  • digital
  • tech & business
  • 2017
the mission

How do you sell a Specialized Cloud Consulting variety of services? That was the question posed to us by ItzData, as they looked to us to bring their a clean and engaged experienced service offering to an online space for the first time. The mission was to utilize subtle but engaging content to capture their sophisticated aesthetic in a minimalist way that spoke to their high-end clientele.

chapter — 1




By maximizing the possibilities of their brand mark, we developed an engaging yet deceptively simple online presence. Subtle interactive embellishments combine with and enhance the muted color palette, providing the sophisticated and cutting-edge context to match ItzData product offering.

chapter — 2


Creating the entire website from scratch allowed us to exercise our strategic thinking capabilities in tandem with our best ideas on design. We defined a structure that communicates the expertise of the consulting company. The landing page establishes credibility with a narrative that details ItzData passion, experience, and services.

site map
mobile preview
chapter — 3



With an assignment to create a minimalist website, we focused on typography and a huge amount of white space, which reinforces the companies’s professionalism. The website had to follow a clean, simple visual style, but we still wanted to add something special that would personify the brand in a unique way. Our solution was to extract the ampersand from the companie’s logo and break it apart in several different combinations, letting its components illustrate the story as you scroll through the homepage. Once the user finishes their journey, the symbol reconnects, completing its journey as well.

color palette

chapter — 4



custom HTML theme

To utilize the animated logo, we built a custom theme to keep the site light and agile.


A smooth scroller with KUTE.js animation and parallax plugin

custom post types

Less limitations and provides a better user interface.